Manufacturing. Process & QA Specification
- On arrival of raw materials, Latex viscosity is accurately measured at laboratory.

- Serveral additives are thoroughly crushed by ball mills operation for emulsification.

- Completely emulsified additives and latex are put into preparation apparatus and agitated for dispersion
of each material.

The raw materials moved from preparation room are pre-cured in curing room under the condition of temp.
25 for 5 - 6 days.
Pre-cured raw materials are moved into serving tank.
Viscosity is checked and adjusted if necessary.
The materials are steadily supplied to dipping tank.

- Dipping starts by glass moulds mounted on endless chain conveyer of dipping machine when the raw materials are filled into dipping tank from serving tank.

- Dipped condoms are dried by hot air on the dipping machine and the dried condoms go through same
procedure one more time for better condition of latex film of condom.

- The condoms are taked off by water pressure and moved into surface treating procedure.

The condoms are treated with Zeosil 155 for the purpose of getting smooth surface of condoms in a surfa ce treating equipment.
The surface treated condoms are rinsed twice by 60 of pure water in order to remove all the materials
remaining on the surface of condoms.

The rinsed condoms are dehydrated by rotating dehydrating machine.

The dehydrated condoms are moved into vulcanization apparatus for vulcanization of latex film by heat
(about 2 hours under 100).
The vulcanized condoms are cooled for about 4-6 hours and bad quality condoms are sorted out optically
before storage.

Each produced condom go through automatic electronic testing machine for detecting pinholes and identifying other weakness which might cause a pinhole afterwards.

Silicone oils, which is a most prevalent lubricant, are used as a lubricant. We treat condoms with the required amount of silicone by useing a rotating lubricating equipment.

- Each condoms is packed in an individual sealed foil container in hygienically satisfactory condition.
Serveral individual containers are packed together in a consumer package.

- Individual container or consumer package is desigend and made from such materials that the condoms
are fully protected during transport and storage and do not suffer any mechanical demage when the con tainer and package are opened.