DONGKUK TRADING CO., LTD. was established and registered in Anyang city as the
oldest leading manufacturer and an exporter of Condoms & Finger cots & other med i cal appliances in Korea.

SIDA approved the quality of our Condoms.
UNICEF purchased our Condoms for Egypt.
DONGKUK TECHCO RUBBER INDUSTRIES SDN BHD. was established in Malaysia a s a manufacturer and an exporter of Condoms & Finger cots.
UNFPA purchased our Condoms for government of India.
We constructed new factory in Pyungtaek-city, Kyungki-do, Korea and moved whole production facilities to new factory.
We obtained NF mark certificate for our Condoms from LNE France.
WHO purchased our Condoms for the aid to various countries in the world.
We equipped with Latex Examination Gloves production plant newly and started prod uction of the
DONGKUK CERAMICS CO., LTD. was established in Korea as one of leading manufa cturer of high quality - clay bricks.
The U.S.S.R have placed orders for condoms of family planning project & aid plan.
We obtained ISO 9002 certificate for our condoms' quality system from Korea Standa rd Association Quality Assurance.
We obtained EC mark certificate for our condoms from G-MED, France.
We obtained IFBQ(INMETRO) mark certificate for our condoms from Falcao Bauer, Br azil.
We obtained ISO9001, EN46001 and CE mark certificate from SGS Yarsley, U.K.
UNFPA, PSI, IPPF keep on purchasing our condoms.